Reduce Costs.
Improve Efficiency.
Manage Risk.

If your organisation is one of those that still meets its IT and IS security and compliance needs with a fragmented array of different tools, MaxPatrol could save you time and money.

MaxPatrol can help you protect yourself from the disruption and reputational damage that inevitably come with a security breach.

It can also help you avoid expensive penalties from regulators by ensuring you have an accurate and up-to-date view of the extent to which your many systems are compliant with a wide range of industry guidelines from PCI regulations to ISO standards.

MAXPATROL in Figures
MaxPatrol - The Integrated Solution

MaxPatrol unites all your systems under one compliance solution:
  • Network and system infrastructure
  • Servers
  • VOIP and wireless networks
  • Databases and applications
  • ERP-systems
  • Web applications
MaxPatrol can meet the security needs of your entire business, from IT engineers to the CEO.

Its automated processes can save your company time and money as well as increasing the accuracy of your regulatory and compliance data and reducing the risk of human error. And MaxPatrol’s flexible, scalable architecture means it can be adapted to create the very best solution for your business, fitting in with existing systems and processes.

MaxPatrol is the only enterprise product on the global market that combines auditing, penetration testing and compliance-management in a single solution. It is already used by successful companies of all sizes to maintain security across many operating systems, databases, business management systems and web-applications.

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