Security Trends & Vulnerabilities Review 2015

From 2013 to 2014, there was an increase in the vulnerability of the information systems of large enterprises. In about 60% of system attacks, the network perimeters were penetrated via web application vulnerabilities. Additionally in 2014, there was decreased awareness among employees regarding security issues.

Vulnerabilities of Mobile Internet (GPRS)

Modern mobile networks facilitate the most convenient access to the Internet without the need for static infrastructures. People can access email, messengers, social networks and online stores whenever and wherever they need it. A range of businesses use mobile Internet for remote administration, financial operations, e-commerce, M2M and some other purposes.

SS7 Vulnerabilities

Nowadays mobile networks are the most dynamic part of critical communication infrastructures and the key instrument used to perform daily activities ranging from voice and text messaging to providing signaling for emergency services and critical infrastructure.

Vulnerabilities in Corporate Systems 2014

This report includes statistics on penetration testing carried out by Positive Technologies in 2013 and compares them to a earlier study completed in 2012.

Web Application Vulnerability Statistics 2013

Web application security is becoming more essential by the day. Almost any organization, whether public or private, has its own website. New online services are introduced regularly. Personal data of clients and employees, and business and financial information of the organization, are stored in electronic form.


Modern civilization is largely dependent on ICS/SCADA industrial process automation systems. Computer technology now controls the operation of nuclear power plants, hydroelectricity plants, oil and gas pipelines as well as transport systems at national and global levels.

Vulnerability Statistics for E-Banking Systems 2011-2012

This report provides a summary of research carried out by Positive Research, the research division of Positive Technologies, into vulnerabilities in e-banking systems. For the purposes of this regional study, only e-banking systems used in Russia were included.

Web Application Vulnerability Statistics 2012

Web applications have many advantages including the ability to update and maintain them centrally, their cross-platform nature and the fact that they are available to anyone on the web, 24/7. But, of course, it’s not just genuine users who have access to these applications.