Positive Guide to a Successful Signaling Protection Strategy


Jimmy Jones, Telecom Business Development Lead, Positive Technologies
35 mins + Q&A

This webinar builds on our previous signaling security presentation to provide a full picture of the state of mobile network vulnerabilities. Discussion will focus on how 3G security flaws remain even now in later-generation networks including LTE, 4G, and potentially even 5G.

Join our webinar with Jimmy Jones, Telecom Business Development Lead (EMEA) at Positive Technologies, to better understand these threats and how to mitigate them. Get the information you need to fine-tune security strategies for effective signaling protection and secure your signaling infrastructure, subscribers, and reputation from cyberattacks.

This webinar aims to answer:

  • How is security evolving to cope with the telecom digital transformation?
  • What are the options for addressing security issues?
  • What first steps can telecoms take to mitigate the threat?
  • What are the considerations when building a long-term strategy for security and compliance?