Positive Technologies to present on Hacking mobile network via SS7 at the Secuinside 2015, Seoul

Positive Technologies, a pioneer of the cyber security industry, is proud to announce that it is presenting at the 2015 Secuinside conference in Seoul, Korea. This two day event runs over the 16th and 17th July at the Inchon Memorial, Korea University.

Secuinside is a pivotal event in the security calendar. The conference is focused on cyber security and has a highly participatory program including competitions and presentations on security related topics from internationally well-known speakers. The conference, since its inception in 2011, has run as a non-profit ethical hacking and security conference. The conference aims to offer a platform for security experts, consultants and developers to share ideas and experiences.

This year Secuinside is running a ‘Capture-The-Bug’ competition which will see teams competing to find and patch the embedded vulnerability in a range of IofT (Internet of Things) devices including: SmartTV, Smartphones, Smart Watch, CCTV etc.

Dmitry Kurbatov, Director of Telecom Security research, with Positive Technologies will present at 15:20 on Friday July 17th. He will be discussing Hacking the mobile network via SS7: interception, shadowing etc. This key topic identifies the cyber risk associated with SS7 which handles almost every function mobile networks. “Our research on the SS7 network has shown us that even the world’s largest telecom companies are vulnerable to attacks including: conversation tapping, disruption of services, SMS interception and voice call redirection. These are very serious issues for telecom operators on a global basis,” explains Dmitry Kurbatov.

“This is an excellent opportunity for Korean telecom professionals to meet with some of the key thinkers and researchers in this field,” explains Brendon Woo, Country Manager Korea, “particularly with the growth of this high tech sector in Korea and its importance to the region.”

About the Secuinside

The Secuinside conference is an annual event where security experts meet to discuss the latest issues, threats and trends in cyber security. Since its first year the conference has attracted increasing numbers of those with and interest in the issues of the day in cyber security. www.secuinside.com