Rocco Research Name Positive Technologies a Leading Vendor

Global cyber security company’s signalling firewall recognised

Positive Technologies has announced that Rocco Research, a leading telecoms markert research company, has completed a report looking into signalling firewall vendors. It has named Positive Technologies as a tier one provider for 2018.

Recognising that Signalling System 7 (SS7) and Diameter vulnerabilities are a core concern for mobile network operators (MNOs), but that Signalling Firewall is a service which some MNOs are afraid to admit that they need, Rocco Research compiled a report to assess the best vendors in the market. Between September and November 2018, the consultancy asked global MNOs globally to provide an assessment of Signalling Firewall Vendors, to understand how well known and effective they are. Vendors were rated on more than 30 key performance indicators (KPIs) in the area of performance, value and leadership. The survey asked about brand perception, experience of providers, as well as which vendors MNOs would choose over others. Twenty-three vendors were invited to participate, with Positive Technologies coming out on top in most categories.

“We are delighted that Rocco Research has recognised the strength of our security solutions for the telecoms market,” said Jimmy Jones, Telecoms Business Development Lead at Positive Technologies. “Security of mobile networks is a critical concern for many operators, thanks to increasing threats to customer data and network operations. Rocco Research provides an objective and thorough assessment of the market, advising on the most trustworthy solutions available. The fact it has selected Positive Technologies as a leading vendor is proof of the robustness and efficiency of our solutions.”

In addition to being named a leading vendor of signalling firewall products, Positive Technologies was also recognised in Rocco Research’s Telecoms Fraud Prevention Solutions Market Intelligence Report 2018. This report aims to show MNOs their options when seeking out fraud solutions, and also assesses the future direction of the fraud prevention market.

Positive Technologies’ telecoms security solutions deliver targeted protection to SS7 and Diameter signalling networks. Combining rapid detection of all threat types with instant incident response, Positive Technologies prevents breaches of personal data, call and SMS interception, subscriber location tracking, signalling fraud, and denial of service attacks.