Sparkle launches Signalling Protection Suite in partnership with Positive Technologies

Sparkle’s latest service proposition provides mobile operators with a full 3G/4G signaling protection against revenue losses

Sparkle, the international service arm of TIM Group and among top 10 global operators, and Positive Technologies, a leading global provider of enterprise security solutions, announce the launch of Signalling Protection Suite, a new and full suite of security services for signalling connectivity.

Sparkle Signalling Protection Suite is a sophisticated all-in-one package that protects mobile operators’ signalling network by detecting and blocking unauthorized traffic and therefore prevents potential privacy loss, operational instability and revenue losses.

Mobile communication networks are complex ecosystems and, despite 4G and 5G technology being more advanced than previous iterations, security is still a concern. Research by Positive Technologies has shown that 4G infrastructure is vulnerable to the same attacks as older, SS7-based networks. Critical vulnerabilities in signaling protocols (Diameter, GTP) and network configuration errors provide the means for hackers to perform attacks that can, for example, steal subscribers' data, spy on subscriber location, commit fraud, and perform denial of service attacks.

Sparkle and Positive Technologies will provide customers with a set of advanced security services such as vulnerability testing, best practice compliance assessment, signaling firewall and security monitoring for real time detection of anomalous activities – whole set for protection of the entire signaling network perimeter, both national and international. In addition, rich analytics and reporting capabilities will enable mobile operators to act immediately and respond to threats in real time.

Positive Technologies’ telecom security solutions combined with Sparkle’s connectivity and roaming services, and signalling firewall, add impressive value to operators that will be able to concentrate on their core business and provide customers a fully secure service.