SS7 Attack Discovery

A security revelation

Our story with telecom security goes back two years, when our experts started taking a closer look at telecom systems. Because the services and protocols on these networks are different than the ones used on general-purpose IT systems, few security experts had ever considered the topic. What we discovered was disheartening: insecure algorithms, non-existent authentication and integrity checks, and many, many other issues. Our findings were a revelation for many vendors and service providers, and we saw that we had hit upon something important that nobody else had—only now is telecom security starting to get the attention it deserves.

How two products were born

We spent two years looking at the architecture of telecom networks and pinpointing their weak points. The result was SS7 Attack Discovery, a system for detecting attacks. With it, operators can immediately see attacks on their subscribers and network, and resolve security issues. We also have developed a second solution—SS7 Vulnerability Scanner—to help operators find vulnerabilities and identify security holes before hackers do.

During 2015 and 2016, we tested both solutions with mobile operators in Europe, Central Asia, and Russia. And in 2016, our research received worldwide media coverage by the likes of Forbes and the BBC.

Brno: the next part of the story

The development team has difficult but exhilarating tasks ahead as it creates and develops two one-of-a-kind products—SS7 Attack Discovery and SS7 Vulnerability Scanner. We are looking at research centering on other networks, such as LTE, with products to be created for them in due time as well.

Room for growth

With the massive role of smartphones, computers, smart homes, and industrial control systems in our lives, being insecure is no longer an option. People and entire industries will continue to use and depend on the networks we help to secure.

Our research reports and products are eagerly awaited by world-name telecom operators.

Meeting this challenge will require bold self-starters with an open mind and determination who aren't afraid to go where others have not. If you think you have what it takes, we invite you to join our team.