PT SS7 Attack Discovery
PT SS7 Attack Discovery (PT SS7 AD) offers carriers the ability to rapidly detect, identify, and analyze attacks on their SS7 networks. And, unlike existing SS7 firewalls, it has no negative impact on mobile services.
Key Features
  • Low impact on signaling traffic

The PT SS7 AD system is implemented at the border of the SS7 network avoiding a negative effect on signaling traffic. Only an IP connection is required. There is no need to assign special addresses to SS7 in the form of Signaling Point Codes (SPC) or Global Titles (GT). Quick attack identification and its thorough analysis enhances protection avoiding impact on the speed of the network and its services.

  • Message correlation

This is available in systems with load balancing over several Signal Transfer Points (STPs), ensuring the whole SS7 perimeter is covered and preventing false positives.

  • Dynamic analysis

This approach rapidly determines which SS7 network activity is irregular by monitoring traffic changes and comparing its characteristics at different times.

  • Data visualization

User-friendly dashboards display information about all interactions with external SS7 networks; attacks and fraud attempts. These dashboards are configurable for ease of data analysis.