PT Telecom Attack Discovery (PT TAD) delivers targeted protection to SS7 and Diameter signaling networks. Combining rapid detection of all threat types with instant incident response, PT TAD can replace or work alongside your existing signaling firewall. PT Telecom Attack Discovery prevents breaches of personal data, call and SMS interception, subscriber location tracking, signaling fraud, and denial of service attacks—helping to build customer trust, protect your brand, and reduce subscriber churn.

Know your risks, protect your profits

Vulnerabilities in the architecture of the Diameter and SS7 signaling protocols are more than just a compliance issue. These flaws are a fundamental threat to mobile network operator assets, revenue, and reputation. Don't settle for protection that exists only on paper. Build your name as a mobile carrier that cares about security.


Enjoy out-of-the-box expertise

Recruiting in-house security experts is expensive and time-consuming. The cost-effective alternative is to deploy PT Telecom Attack Discovery and instantly tap in to the findings of our world-renowned research team. They'll continuously connect you with their new discoveries to keep your signaling protection fully up to date.

Deployment options

Limit costs, not security

Ensure peak efficiency with automatic threat prevention. Years of in-field experience have gone into maximizing automation in PT Telecom Attack Discovery. As a result, you can increase your signaling network protection level, at the same time as reducing manual effort and associated costs.

Powerful yet easy-to-use

Embrace best practices and stay compliant

Get our expert help to implement recommendations and regulations including GDPR, FCC, ENISA, and GSMA guidelines. Protect subscriber privacy and prevent costly data breaches due to signaling network flaws.



Positive Guide to a Successful Signaling Protection Strategy

Are you aware of cyberattacks that can threaten telecom signaling infrastructure, subscribers, and reputation? Get the information you need to fine-tune security strategy for effective protection of your 3G, 4G, and potentially even 5G network.

We are proud to share our cybersecurity expertise with the GSMA, including research on new signaling threats, attack vectors targeted at mobile network operators, and promising protection methods.

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