Application Security

Find all known vulnerabilities across all your applications. Stop zero-day attacks before they strike. Quickly patch existing security holes. See precisely how vulnerabilities can be used to attack your business. And significantly accelerate your incident response and remediation times—all while drastically reducing your costs associated with compliance.
Don't Let Hackers Worm Their Way In

Almost every enterprise uses hundreds, or even thousands, of network, web, mobile, ERP, and client–server applications to help run their operations. With new applications being added almost daily at most companies, your biggest security challenge is understanding how vulnerabilities within these applications could be used to damage your business and your brand.

However, the fact is most companies are failing to adequately protect their ever-increasing suite of applications. Consider this: a 2016 Positive Research report found that 76% of tested systems were exposed to vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to gain full control over critical resources.

So why are most organizations failing so badly when it comes to application security?

Traditional firewalls and intrusion prevention systems (IPS) no longer provide adequate protection against application-level attacks. In addition, most existing application security testing tools are difficult to deploy and use: they require advanced knowledge of how specific vulnerabilities could affect the business and a great deal of time to manually sort through to find the ones that really matter. Traditional web application firewalls (WAFs) lack the intelligence to prevent zero-day attacks and overwhelm organizations by bombarding them daily with thousands of alerts that are almost never relevant.

Whether your code is procured, custom, open-sourced, or some combination of these, you need an integrated application security solution that will guarantee your safety, starting from the very first line of code.

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