Network Infrastructure Security Assessment

Whenever networks are modified, new vulnerabilities are created. Whether you are installing new systems or hardware; altering your network perimeter structure or modifying the settings for servers, network equipment and protection tools, you need to be sure how these changes affect your ability to resist attacks.

Positive Technologies provides comprehensive security assessment services that allow you to constantly monitor your information security state in real time, covering all major aspects of the Information Security Management System (ISMS) to identify problem areas within organizational and technical IT infrastructures. Our audits typically focus on the following key areas:

  • Organizational structure of the ISMS
  • Security management processes
  • Organizational documentation for information security (IS)
  • Network infrastructure (LAN/WAN)
  • System software (OS, DBMS)
  • Application software
  • Specialized means of information protection

Our experts will provide an independent, objective and comprehensive assessment of your current IS posture, helping you to improve your protection systems. Risk assessments will help you pinpoint the most relevant threats and critical vulnerabilities, so you can focus on protecting what matters most.

A typical Network Infrastructure Security Assessment would include:

  • Gathering baseline information on your organization's IT infrastructure and security
  • Taking an inventory of existing technical and organizational documents
  • Collecting data on configurations for all components within your IT infrastructure
  • Conducting interviews with IS and IT groups and relevant business units
  • Preparing questionnaires and compiling responses
  • Conducting penetration testing on key network elements
  • Identifying problems in the defense mechanisms already in use
  • Assessing the potential impact on IT infrastructure and business operations in the event of a successful attack


  • The key deliverable from our network security assessment is a report detailing: The audit methodology
  • Conclusions regarding your overall level of information security
  • Analytical conclusions on existing vulnerabilities and risks
  • Results of the surveys, describing your current IS situation
  • Recommendations for mitigating identified problem areas
  • IS strategies for future protection