Cybersecurity glossary

An information system or a host that is valuable for an organization and must be protected from cyberthreats.

An asset of high importance is an information system or a host that is the most important part of key or target systems. With access to such systems, an attacker can actuate events that are not tolerable to a company.

A well-organized and well-planned multistage targeted attack. APT attacks are performed by criminal groups (APT groups) consisting of highly skilled people. Because of this, APT groups have significant financial resources and technical capabilities.

The set of techniques used by attackers to achieve their goal.

The target of unauthorized actions by cybercriminals. For instance, this could be web resources, computers, servers, network equipment, mobile devices, or the IoT. People can be an attack target too, if the attackers use social engineering.

A means by which attackers can gain access to a target system by exploiting security flaws.