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Positive Technologies is an industry leader in result-driven cybersecurity and a major global provider of information security solutions. Our mission is to safeguard businesses and entire industries against cyberattacks and non-tolerable damage. Over 4,000 organizations worldwide use technologies and services developed by our company.

Positive Technologies is the first and only cybersecurity company in Russia publicly available on the Moscow Exchange (MOEX: POSI), with 205,000 shareholders and counting.

Our new class of solutions—metaproducts—focuses on the results-oriented approach to cybersecurity. Positive Technologies first metaproduct, MaxPatrol O2, automatically detects and prevents attacks before non-tolerable damage is done to the company. MaxPatrol O2 can replace the entire team of a security monitoring center, and it only takes one person to manage it. This protection system requires minimum knowledge and effort from a specialist.

To demonstrate that the results-oriented approach to information security truly works, we conduct cyberexercises (on our own infrastructure as well as others’) and publicly test our products. Our solutions are based on 20 years of research experience and expertise of several hundred information security experts.

Positive Technologies products and services help to:

  • Stop attacks in automatic mode with the help of just one person.
  • Monitor security and quickly detect vulnerabilities in infrastructure.
  • Detect security incidents in infrastructures of any scale, including industrial systems.
  • Detect attacks in internal and external traffic.
  • Protect web applications from APT attacks.
  • Detect vulnerabilities and errors in applications, as well as support secure development processes.
  • Detect and counter targeted and mass attacks involving modern malware.
  • Respond to cyberthreats both at endpoints and inside the infrastructure, leveraging events and context from multiple information security systems to verify an attack.

We have seven Russian offices located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Novosibirsk, Akademgorodok, and Tomsk, and one office in Kazakhstan. The team has over 1,800 employees, including world-class experts specializing in the protection of SCADA and ERP systems, banks and telecommunications, as well as mobile and web applications.

Positive Technologies is highly rated by international analytical agencies: the company is a three-time recipient of Visionary status in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls (WAF).

We have provided cybersecurity for the following events:

  • 2013 Summer Universiade in Kazan
  • 2014 Sochi Olympic Games
  • 2018 FIFA World Cup
  • 2018 Russian presidential elections
  • 2019 Winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk
  • 2020 Russian constitutional referendum
  • 2021 Russia's State Duma elections

Positive Technologies is known globally as a visionary and a leader in the field of ethical security research. Each year our experts identify hundreds of zero-day vulnerabilities in IT systems of various classes and types, including products by Cisco, Citrix, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and VMware. For detecting dangerous vulnerabilities, our experts have been added to the halls of fame of such companies as Adobe, Apple, AT&T, GitLab, Google, IBM, Mastercard, Microsoft, PayPal, VK, and Yandex. All detected vulnerabilities are reported to software vendors as part of the responsible disclosure policy and are not published until the vendors release the required updates.

We readily share what we know about information security:

  • For 12 years we have been holding our own research and practical forum Positive Hack Days. As one of the largest information security events in Russia and the CIS, it is attended by thousands of people who care about cybersecurity: IT and infosec experts, business and government representatives, security researchers and white hats, pupils and students. Over Positive Hack Days, hundreds of talks and workshops are held, covering the most interesting topics in information security, while competitions add excitement to analysis of protection of industrial control systems, banking and mobile services, and web apps. In 2023 the forum was held for the first time in the format of an open cybersecurity festival and brought together infosec experts, technology developers, as well as residents and guests of Moscow.
  • We actively develop educational programs for leading universities and help prepare students to get a head start in their careers: Positive Education materials written by our company’s experts are used at over 65 universities.
  • We hold the world’s largest cyberbattle, Standoff, which brings together the best Russian and foreign experts in both offensive and defensive cybersecurity. The cyberrange contains full-fidelity replicas of the production chains, business scenarios, and technology landscape typical of different industries. Experts analyze the odds of non-tolerable events being triggered and ways to prevent them.

Positive Technologies products

Positive Technologies services

Thanks to 20 years of experience in large-scale penetration testing and source code analysis, our experts have enormous experience with vulnerabilities in areas as diverse as telecoms systems, e-banking, ERP, and ICS/SCADA. We know the real-world methods that hackers use, so we can offer the most effective solutions for assessing client security and the most robust protection solutions.

As for providing consulting services, the Positive Technologies group is an expert in information security comprehensive audit, applications and web systems security assessment, incident investigation at critical infrastructures, penetration testing, and deployment of security monitoring processes.

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