PT MultiScanner

As a multithreaded malware detection system, PT MultiScanner finds threats with dramatically increased precision and speed by combining multiple anti-virus engines and supplementing them with other detection methods, including retrospective analysis of malicious files and reputation services.
Key Features
  • Dozens of anti-virus engines, one interface

Files are scanned in parallel by multiple engines from the most popular developers. All anti-virus engines and definitions are kept up to date via a local server.

  • Retrospective analysis

Figure out which systems have been attacked by malware, even before anti-virus software was able to detect it. Incident investigation becomes much easier as a result.

  • Static analysis

The master knowledge base and reputation-based lists are constantly updated, catching what anti-virus engines may miss.

  • Offline updates

Because anti-virus components are updated without requiring Internet access, PT MultiScanner works on isolated network segments and prevents possible data leaks, without ever sending scanned files outside of the system infrastructure.

  • Easy integration

Standard interfaces (Rest API, SMTP, ICAP, syslog) are supported. Options for monitoring of file resources and network traffic simplify integration with client infrastructure.