Threat landscape

Product overview

PT MultiScanner provides multiple levels of anti-malware protection to detect and block infections on corporate infrastructure, uncover hidden threats, and facilitate investigation of malware-related security incidents.

Critical data and reputation under lock and key

Scanned files never leave the client perimeter. Files are scanned by PT MultiScanner on premises and stored locally.

Key features

Ready, set, go!

Installation and getting started takes less than an hour—and adding new scan sources takes just a few clicks.

Use cases

Web portals

PT MultiScanner, combined with a web application firewall (WAF), defends web applications from malware attacks.


PT MultiScanner integrates with mail servers to detect and block malicious attachments.

Internal services

A local web portal offers on-demand file scanning, powered by PT MultiScanner. Employees select the files to scan and view the verdict in a web interface.

Employees can also send suspicious files to a special PT MultiScanner email address on the corporate domain.

File storage

PT MultiScanner is able to detect and block malware on corporate file storage drives. New objects are scanned immediately when copied or downloaded.

User web traffic

PT MultiScanner supports strengthening the corporate network perimeter in concert with traffic analysis and monitoring systems, such as intrusion detection and protection systems (IDS/IPS), proxy servers, and other ICAP-enabled solutions.

Corporate traffic

Mirrored traffic can be routed though SPAN-enabled network equipment and scanned by PT MultiScanner.


Incident investigation

Points of entry into infrastructure, relevant users, and all stages of threat spread become discoverable. Especially useful for security operations centers (SOCs).

Power plus convenience

Always be in the know, thanks to the intuitive PT MultiScanner web interface. Dashboards offer quick visual awareness of the state of security.


Positive Technologies ecosystem

PT MultiScanner snaps in with other Positive Technologies solutions for the most complete protection.

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