Positive Technologies experts help eliminate vulnerabilities in Schneider Electric's vehicle charging station

Positive Technologies experts Vladimir Kononovich and Vyacheslav Moskvin detected three vulnerabilities in the Schneider Electric EVlink Parking electric vehicle charging station, which is used at parking environments in several countries, including at offices, hotels, supermarkets, fleets and municipals. Affected firmware versions are 3.2.0-12_v1 and earlier. To eliminate the vulnerability, a new firmware version must be installed, which is available on the Schneider Electric official website.

Positive Technologies releases world's first free ICS security monitoring solution

PT Industrial Security Incident Manager, the line of products for industrial control system (ICS) security from Positive Technologies, now includes a new streamlined version: PT ISIM freeView Sensor. Intended for basic ICS security monitoring, this version is free of charge and easy to configure. No special technical knowledge is needed. Downloading and getting started with PT ISIM freeView Sensor takes just minutes.

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