Our active collaboration with leading ICS vendors such as Honeywell, Schneider Electric, Siemens, and Yokogawa and our experience conducting regular security audits on these large-scale systems give Positive Technologies a unique understanding of how to detect and eliminate dangerous SCADA vulnerabilities. Let us help your organization start protecting its most critical assets today.
Critical Infrastructure on the Frontline

Industrial control systems (ICS) play an essential role in automating the critical processes that bring electricity and water to our homes, prevent mass transit gridlock, and ensure a steady flow of goods from our factories.

But, unlike the isolated systems of the past, ICS are now highly automated, computerized environments that utilize standard software and hardware components that are increasingly connected to networks such as the web.

Consider this: in December 2013, Positive Technologies identified more than 68,000 ICS components spanning six continents that were exposed through the Internet, including SCADA, smart grids, remote terminal units (RTU), programmable logic controllers (PLC), MES, and ERP systems.

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