Telecommunications Network Security: A 5-Step Guide
Held on July 11, 2018

Watch our webinar with Jimmy Jones, Telecom Business Development Lead for Positive Technologies in EMEA, in which he presents a proactive five-step approach to telecom security that can really make a difference. Protect your assets and subscribers from hacker attacks, prevent network downtime, stop violations of subscriber privacy, and avoid financial losses due to signaling fraud.

Held on July 9, 2018

On July 9, Dan Tara, Vice President at Positive Technologies, took part in a professional discussion session at ITU GSR GENEVA 2018, the annual global symposium for regulators.

RVAsec Richmond
Held on June 7, 2018

Leigh-Anne Galloway and Timur Yunusov took part in RVAsec Richmond on June 7–8. Their presentation "Demystifying Payments: Payment Technologies and Security Risks" covered how payments have evolved and what transactions look like today.

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