Webinar: Telecom privacy and security: how to do the math
Held on February 6, 2019 14:00 GMT

During this informative and immersive webinar, Positive Technologies telecoms expert Michael Downs will explain how telecommunication providers can establish ongoing security and data protection processes and shift from a checkbox approach to proactive protection—an essential step for operators in order to effectively fight modern threats.

Regional Cybersecurity Summit
Held on October 23, 2018

On October 23, Positive Technologies experts will hold a workshop on 3G/4G telecom signaling security at RCS Summit in Kuwait. Dan Tara, Executive VP Business Development, and Dmitry Kurbatov, Director of Telecom Security, will take a close look at threats, incidents, and real-life attacks on critical national infrastructure (CNI). Dan and Dmitry will also share the latest research and statistics based on ICS/SCADA penetration testing and security monitoring projects. Dependencies of CNI on telecom networks, as well as exposure to SS7/Diameter risks, will also be discussed.

Telecommunications Network Security: A 5-Step Guide
Held on July 11, 2018

Watch our webinar with Jimmy Jones, Telecom Business Development Lead for Positive Technologies in EMEA, in which he presents a proactive five-step approach to telecom security that can really make a difference. Protect your assets and subscribers from hacker attacks, prevent network downtime, stop violations of subscriber privacy, and avoid financial losses due to signaling fraud.

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