ERP Security

As a recognized global authority on ERP security, the specialists at Positive Technologies routinely conduct security assessments on operational SAP systems and work with SAP to eliminate software vulnerabilities. What’s more, MaxPatrol is the only SAP-certified automated vulnerability and compliance management solution available.
Take Control of Your ERP Security

By facilitating real-time information flow between all core business functions, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems can save enterprises both time and money. However, the increased use of web and portal technologies and their growing connections to critical infrastructure, such as ICS/SCADA systems, add a new set of high-risk targets for both outside hackers and insider threats.

Many organizations rely on expensive external consultants to deploy and maintain their ERP systems and to carry out associated security, compliance, and segregation of duties (SoD) audits. A mid-size installation of SAP for example could consist of hundreds of SAP software instances supporting thousands of users. Keeping track of the relevant inventory, vulnerabilities, compliance, and configuration settings, including access rights and password policies, can seem an impossible task. Fortunately, there is an alternative to high-priced consultants. And it allows you to truly own your security—Positive Technologies MaxPatrol is the only automated vulnerability and compliance management solution that gives you security visibility and control across all layers of your SAP infrastructure.

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