PT Industrial Cybersecurity Suite is the first integrated platform to protect industrial systems from cyberthreats. It helps identify attacks at any stage in an industrial environment and respond to them swiftly. PT ICS provides comprehensive security for industrial systems, covering everything from network hosts to individual devices.

PT ICS components

1. MaxPatrol SIEM for industrial systems

Detection and management of cybersecurity incidents in industrial infrastructure. Out-of-the-box support for common SCADA components.

2. MaxPatrol VM for industrial systems

Automated vulnerability management in industrial infrastructure. Out-of-the-box support for common SCADA components.


Deep analysis of ICS network traffic. Threat hunting tools, automated attack vector identification, and retrospective network analysis. Supports more than 120 network protocols.

4. PT Sandbox for industrial systems

Detection of unknown ICS/SCADA malware. Customizable emulation environment with deception mechanisms allows deployment of industry-specific software.

5. PT XDR for industrial systems

PT XDR provides endpoint detection and response (EDR) agents specially adapted for operating in industrial environments. The EDR agents gather and analyze data from network endpoints to assist in hunting and neutralizing cyberthreats.

PT ICS services

PT Industrial Cybersecurity Suite is more than just a combination of flagship Positive Technologies products. It offers a comprehensive package of ICS/SCADA security assessment and forensic investigation services in order to discover, investigate, and respond to complex incidents in industrial systems.

End-to-end information security management

How it works
All products in the PT ICS platform are installed in the industrial control network. MaxPatrol SIEM gathers and analyzes ICS/SCADA component logs. MaxPatrol VM receives information about the ICS/SCADA network topology and identifies vulnerabilities. PT ISIM analyzes industrial equipment network traffic. PT Sandbox analyzes files and links that are transmitted in emails and network traffic, and stored in network directories and on ICS/SCADA network endpoints. PT XDR provides tools for automatic and selective responses to threats. All these tools work in unison to identify and eliminate threats at any stage of an attack.


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