PT Application Firewall
PT Application Firewall is designed to detect and block modern attacks on web portals and ERP systems,
mobile and cloud applications, online financial services and industrial control systems.
Key Features
  • Protection for various businesses

PT AF pre-trained modules are compatible with ERP systems (SAP system, first of all), e-banking, telecoms, e-government and mass media service portals. They ensure protection for critical infrastructures whilst considering various industry practices.

  • Detecting robots and frauds

Behavior analysis ensures preventing automated attacks (scanning, brute force, DDoS attacks, fraud, data leakage) and revealing suspicious activities of users.

  • Virtual patching

Working in tandem with the code analyzer, PT Application Inspector, helps to detect attacks aimed at a particular application's vulnerabilities and block them before source code is corrected.

  • Reduce expenses

If used together, PT AF and PT AI allow you to automate the process of detecting and fixing vulnerabilities at the early stages of development and enforce the secure software development life cycle. Avoid the losses—eliminate vulnerabilities before they get into production.