Seeking to improve efficiencies, enrich customer service, and reduce operating costs, many utilities have opted for using standard technologies and connections to private and public networks. But these same technologies and connectivity also dramatically increase the risk of cyberattacks on critical services. To keep your utility safe and online, Positive Technologies can help to proactively identify ICS-specific vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors, assess and prioritize threats, and remediate weaknesses.
Industrial-Grade Cybersecurity

For decades now, industrial control systems (ICS), including supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, have helped utilities to automate critical infrastructure. In the past, utilities often relied on "security through obscurity." Since these systems were highly customized, proprietary, and isolated, utilities assumed that only someone with specialized inside knowledge could gain access. That comforting assumption is no longer the case.

Utilities are increasingly using standard technologies, including hardware, operating systems, and databases, as well as open industrial protocols such as IEC 60870-5-104, distributed network protocol 3 (DNP3), and MMS/GOOSE (IEC 61850). Global initiatives—for example, operational technology (OT) platform convergence—are fueling this trend and will result in more ICS and SCADA equipment becoming connected to corporate networks.

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