PT Application Inspector

PT Application Inspector protects web applications of every scale: from landing pages and corporate portals to commerce, cloud services, and e-government systems. This multipurpose tool detects vulnerabilities and signs of undocumented features at each stage of the web application lifecycle.
Key Features
  • Your application is always protected

To block malicious exploits, PT Application Inspector results are automatically uploaded to PT Application Firewall. Virtual patching means that your application is protected even while your team is in the process of fixing vulnerable code.

  • Automated vulnerability testing

PT Application Inspector identifies potential vulnerabilities and automatically generates exploits (safe requests) to assess the degree of risk. Then your team can get to work repairing the code and check remediation completion status.

  • Stay 100% compliant

Local and international data security standards are becoming more and more strict. PT Application Inspector helps to ensure PCI DSS compliance and prove the absence of undocumented features.

  • Easy to use

No programming skills are needed for using PT Application Inspector. You never need to dig deep in source code or the development process. Results are presented in clear visual form with no additional configuration required.