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Product overview

PT Application Inspector is the right choice for applications of any size and industry. A unique combination of scanning methods—static application security testing (SAST), dynamic application security testing (DAST), interactive application security testing (IAST), software composition analysis (SCA), plus fingerprint and pattern matching— guarantees accurate results to defend applications everywhere from landing pages to corporate portals, online stores, banking apps, cloud services, and e-government portals.

With PT AI, security professionals win:

  • Detect and confirm security vulnerabilities without a deep dive into source code or the development process.
  • Make sure that a vulnerability can be exploited before spending time to fix it. PT AI automatically generates safe test requests (exploits) to check it.
  • Easily collaborate with the development team creating tickets for them with one click.

So do your development teams:

  • Start using PT AI without additional setup. No access to a test environment required.
  • Detect confirmed and suspected vulnerabilities focusing on the most critical ones
  • Fix code quickly. PT AI shows details and exploitation conditions for each vulnerability and automatically recommends the best place to fix to jump-start the remediation process.

Why PT Application Inspector  

Make vulnerability detection a team effort

Developing a secure application requires that everyone be on board. PT AI helps to create a culture of secure development by working for all stakeholders—QA, developers, security specialists, DevOps pros, and management—and giving them the tools they need to focus on their jobs and communicate effectively.

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Customer Cases

We’ve prepared a guide with 12 simple security practices for protecting your applications. Learn how to start and build an application security strategy aligning with business goals and budget constraints.

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