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PT AI beats the competition thanks to accurate results from a combination of rigorous methods: static analysis, dynamic analysis, unique abstract interpretation, and more. With PT AI, security professionals detect and confirm vulnerabilities, as well as undocumented features. And developers can quickly fix code early on.

PT Application Inspector

Analyze code, not false positives

Security specialists tend to spend their days looking through vulnerability reports from а source code analyzer. So the best way to avoid wasting time is having scan results that are accurate and understandable. PT AI is the only source code vulnerability scanner on the market providing convenient tools to automatically confirm vulnerabilities—significantly speeding up the process and simplifying teamwork between security specialists and developers.

Key features

Make vulnerability detection a team effort

Developing a secure application requires that everyone be on board. PT AI helps to create a culture of secure development by working for all stakeholders—QA, developers, security specialists, DevOps pros, and management—and giving them the tools they need to focus on their jobs and communicate effectively.

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Pinpoint accuracy

Unique abstract interpretation technology models data and control flows in an application, including the application’s behavioral properties (semantics). PT AI automatically generates exploits: these safe test requests confirm whether a vulnerability is more than just theoretical. This empirical approach significantly improves the quality of results and allows concentrating on the real risks.

Ease of use + savings

Security is important—but the benefits have to outweigh the financial cost. By prioritizing ease of use, PT AI saves time and reduces the need for an army of security experts. Accurate detection, automatic exploit verification, filtering, incremental scanning, and an interactive data flow diagram (DFD) for each vulnerability are special features that make remediation so much quicker.


Instead of requiring special knowledge and expertise, PT AI presents the right interface and tools for each role. Developers get full remediation guidance in their customary environment, security pros see the exploits needed to confirm vulnerabilities, and DevOps experts use virtual patches to ensure continuity of business. All team members can interact productively and contribute to security.

Continuous real-time protection

As both a static code analyzer and dynamic analyzer, PT AI works from the first line of code as well as with production apps. Continuity of business and security is ensured by integration with PT Application Firewall (PT AF). Results of PT AI analysis are exported to PT AF to block exploitation of vulnerabilities. This process of virtual patching reduces risks during the remediation process by preventing exploitation attempts at the firewall level.

Regulatory and standards compliance

Data leaks and hacks have been making the news. Application security is now "on the radar" and developers have to handle a growing list of local and international security standards. PT AI helps you to regularly perform in-house compliance auditing. Source code is checked for application security risks and undeclared functionality, easing compliance with key industry standards including PCI DSS.

Wide coverage and deep analysis

A unique combination of scanning methods—static application security testing (SAST), dynamic application security testing (DAST), interactive application security testing (IAST), software composition analysis (SCA), plus fingerprint and pattern matching—makes PT AI the right choice for applications of any size and industry. PT AI is already used to defend applications everywhere from landing pages to corporate portals, online stores, banking apps, cloud services, and e-government portals.

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