Vulnerability Management

No matter the attack vector, cybercriminals operate on the premise that vulnerabilities exist. Stay ahead of them with advanced solutions that cover all your systems without exception. Build a continuous response to the constant threat and create a strong process with the most cutting-edge tools on the market. Now that’s a smarter approach to vulnerability management.
Stop Being an Easy Target

The continuous evolution of enterprise IT infrastructures—including increased use of ERP, mobile technologies, cloud-based services, virtualization, and off-the-shelf libraries and frameworks for development of custom applications—has provided new attack vectors for cybercriminals to exploit.

Making matters worse, organizations continue to co-mingle their IT and operational technologies, causing diverse business segments to converge with one another. ERP systems are integrated into ICS and SCADA networks. Mobile networks are being used to connect ATMs as well as for signaling and data transmission on utility infrastructure. GSM-R, a variation of the popular GSM mobile standard and part of the European Rail Traffic Management System, is being used for data communication between railway operational staff, including drivers, dispatchers, shunting team members, train engineers, and station controllers. These innovations along with smart buildings and the Internet of Things (IoT) create new high-risk targets for cyberterrorists and thieves to attack.

With thousands of known vulnerabilities in your systems and countless unknown risks, defensive technologies such as anti-virus and firewalls alone are not enough to stop these attacks. Moreover, as you frequently make changes to networked computing environments in response to customer needs, you are inadvertently weakening your security posture by providing cybercriminals with new ways in.