MaxPatrol gives an unbiased picture of the state of protection at the system, department, node, and application levels. Pentesting, auditing, and compliance verification—combined with support for diverse operating systems, databases, and web apps—make MaxPatrol the perfect choice for auditing security in real time, all the time, at all levels of a corporate information system.
Key Features
  • All-in-one solution ensures consistent results

Small footprint: assessing vulnerabilities and configuration errors does not require installing agents on remote systems or providing elevated privileges. Regular use of the system and network is not interrupted. MaxPatrol leads the industry in lowest number of false positives.

  • Multilevel reporting tells the whole story

Get reporting that gives a full picture of the real level of protection all across the corporate IT infrastructure.

  • Presets ease compliance

Applying the security policies built in to MaxPatrol makes it easy to check system compliance with official and industry standards (ISO 27001/27002, SOX, PCI DSS, NIST, CIS). Set special policies to monitor compliance with in-house corporate security rules.