All Positive Technologies solutions are designed from the ground-up with industry-specific knowledge of how to protect business and a firm grasp of regulatory requirements. Company specialists lend their expertise to the standards-writing process to strengthen security requirements. Our products are compliant with a wide range of national and international security standards, including PCI DSS.
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Vulnerability and compliance management system. Pentesting, auditing, and compliance testing combined with analysis of operating systems, databases, and web apps. Continuous monitoring of security at all levels of information infrastructure. One of the world's largest regularly updated vulnerability knowledge bases.

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PT Application Firewall is designed to detect and block modern attacks on web portals and ERP systems, mobile and cloud applications, online financial services and industrial control systems.

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PT Application Inspector protects web applications of every scale: from landing pages and corporate portals to commerce, cloud services, and e-government systems. This multipurpose tool detects vulnerabilities and signs of undocumented features at each stage of the web application lifecycle.

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PT Industrial Security Incident Manager detects hacker attacks on ICS/SCADA systems and helps to investigate cybersecurity incidents at critical sites. Without interrupting normal operations, PT ISIM works in parallel to analyze a copy of network traffic, pinpoints relationships between security events, and shows easy-to-understand visualizations of potential attacks in the context of network topology and site layout.

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PT SS7 Attack Discovery (PT SS7 AD) offers carriers the ability to rapidly detect, identify, and analyze attacks on their SS7 networks. And, unlike existing SS7 firewalls, it has no negative impact on mobile services.

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For maximum speed and accuracy in threat detection, PT MultiScanner performs multithreaded scanning combining several of the most popular anti-virus engines, along with other methods, including retrospective analysis of malicious file actions and reputation services.