EPAM Systems’ Zed Conference Brings Cyber Security to The Agenda through The Standoff Cyber Range

To raise cyber security up the agenda for their event attendees and customers, EPAM Systems’ Zed Conference partnered with The Standoff cyber range to demonstrate the risks and vulnerabilities presented by cyber attacks firsthand.

On Tuesday 3rd December Vladimir Zapolyansky, CMO of Positive Technologies, was invited to Zed Conference to summarize the results of The Standoff cyber-range event. Vladimir was joined by Sam Rehman, SVP Chief Information Security Officer at EPAM, and Adam Bishop, Director IT Security at EPAM, to discuss the highlights of The Standoff cyber-range, which took place virtually across three continents on 12-17 November.

The Standoff saw 250 cyber security experts compete - as 29 attacking red teams faced off against six defending blue teams in a one-of-a-kind cyber range competition. The full-fidelity cyber-range built for The Standoff contains the same hardware and software as a real city, including an airport, amusement park, gas distribution company, oil company, powerplant and more. The objective is to pursue a new risk-orientated approach to cyber security, uncovering threats in a realistic environment that demonstrate the importance of defense and make security products smarter.

Adam Bishop, Director, IT Security at EPAM said: “Security is a major track featured at this year’s EPAM ZED conference. It is important to highlight EPAM’s participation in the Standoff, a unique and rewarding experience for our offensive and defensive teams.”

Vladimir Zapolyansky, CMO of Positive Technologies said: “The purpose of The Standoff competition is to raise awareness of the vulnerabilities and security risks that exist in the real world. We have created the most realistic cyber-range environment in the world to replicate potential attack scenarios and educate businesses on how to protect themselves.

“The collaboration with Zed Conference brings this one-of-a-kind experience to their audience, helping them to gain a practical understanding of how cyber attacks work. I would like to thank our partners at EPAM who have collaborated with us to make The Standoff a success and helped to promote our new approach to cyber security.”

Catch up on the highlights and insights of The Standoff shared at Zed Conference here: https://community-z.com/events/zed-conference/talks/6476.