Korean Election Commission Puts Its Trust in MaxPatrol

The National Election Commission (NEC) of South Korea is the latest governmental organization to select MaxPatrol Vulnerability and Compliance Management from Positive Technologies.

MaxPatrol is an all-in-one solution for detecting and controlling vulnerabilities in a wide-range of IT systems and for ensuring those systems comply with a pre-determined set of Information Security standards. Its flexible, scalable architecture make it an excellent choice for the NEC which has a complex four-stage hierarchy of national, provincial, city and township election commissions.

About NEC

The NEC is an independent agency established under the South Korean constitution to manage free and fair elections and national referendums. It manages all elections to public office from Presidential races to local councils and the heads of national universities and agricultural cooperatives. It also conducts the administration of the country’s political parties and their funds, providing subsidies and monitoring how funds are spent to guarantee transparency. Because of the sensitivity of its operations, it is essential for the NEC to ensure the highest-possible level of security within its IT infrastructure.