PJSC Positive Group lists on the Moscow Exchange and starts trading its shares

PJSC Positive Group (hereinafter referred to as Positive Group), a leading Russian developer of cybersecurity solutions, has announced its listing of ordinary shares on the Moscow Exchange and the start of trading in securities.

Positive Group ordinary shares were included in the Level 2 quotation list on December 16, 2021, and trading in Positive Group shares began on December 17, 2021. The ticker symbol is POSI. Trading and settlement is conducted in Russian rubles.

Positive Group ordinary shares are also included in the Innovation and Investment Market (IIM) sector of the Moscow Exchange.

To ensure liquidity, Positive Group entered into market-making agreements with three Russian brokers to facilitate buy and sell orders.

Positive Group's listing is exclusive to the Moscow Exchange.

The company's IPO on the Moscow Exchange aims to create a transparent investment profile and attract a wide range of shareholders. Shareholders can buy and sell the company's shares without restrictions.

Yuri Maksimov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PJSC Positive Group said: "This is significant not only for our company, but for the entire Russian information security industry. Positive Group is the first Russian cybersecurity company to go public and trade its shares on the stock exchange. Our success here is indicative of the high reputation of the Group's products on the market, its innovative solutions and services in the field of cyberthreat prevention, and the many years of dedication on the part of our entire team. With our new public status, we look forward to attracting and motivating talented professionals, and creating a close-knit community of like-minded co-owners who understand our business and its excellent prospects. We also express our gratitude to the Moscow Exchange for supporting our aspirations and initiatives."

About the company

PJSC Positive Group is a leading Russian company in the field of information security and cyberthreat prevention with 20 years of experience. The Group develops, markets, and supports a wide range of innovative cybersecurity software products and services for detection, verification, and prevention of all cyber risks faced by corporate IT infrastructure. According to a report by market intelligence company IDC, the Group's MaxPatrol SIEM product ranks in the Top 20 global SIEM systems and in the Top 3 leaders by sales growth dynamics.

The Group operates in the information security market of Russia and neighboring countries with branches and offices in Moscow, St Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Samara, Tomsk, and Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan).

At year-end 2020, the Group's revenue amounted to more than RUB 5.5 billion, up by 60 %. EBITDA in 2020 more than tripled against the previous year to RUB 2.2 billion. The EBITDA margin at year-end 2020 increased to 395%. The Group stands out for its low level of debt: at year-end 2020, the ratio of net debt to EBITDA was x0.33.