Positive Technologies Adds Privileged Identity Management Support to MaxPatrol through CyberArk Integration

Positive Technologies has completed the integration of its MaxPatrol vulnerability and compliance management solution with market-leading software from CyberArk, one of the foremost names in privileged account security.

The combined solution blends the highest-quality vulnerability and compliance assessments with end-to-end automation and stringent controls on account credentials. This efficient, time-saving approach can significantly boost an organization’s security levels and enables automated threat assessments to be conducted more frequently.

CyberArk’s Enterprise Password Vault allows organizations to enforce password policies across their privileged accounts, generating long, complex passwords which are known only to Enterprise Password Vault and the target system. Passwords are updated automatically at pre-determined intervals.

MaxPatrol is now able to seamlessly acquire from Enterprise Password Vault the privileged identities necessary to perform its advanced white-box security assessments of an organization’s critical systems. MaxPatrol highlights the vulnerabilities that leave systems open to attack and assesses levels of compliance with a wide range of global security standards such as ISO, PCI DSS and SOX, as well as regional requirements and internal corporate policies.

By adopting this powerful combination of two solutions, businesses can assure their privileged accounts remain protected by Enterprise Password Vault while MaxPatrol provides a complete, automated assessment of their infrastructure.

Read more about the integration of MaxPatrol and CyberArk’s Enterprise Password Vault.

About CyberArk

CyberArk is trusted by many of the world’s leading companies, including 40 of the Fortune 100, to protect their highest-value information assets, infrastructure and applications. For over a decade it has led the market in securing enterprises against cyber-attacks that take cover behind insider privileges and attack critical enterprise assets. With offices in the US, Israel, UK, France, Germany, Netherland and Singapore, CyberArk serves more than 1,300 global business in 55 countries. These customers include 17 of the world’s top 20 banks, eight of the world’s top 12 pharmaceutical firms and 75 leading energy companies. www.cyberark.com