Positive Technologies at GITEX 2021 in Dubai on 17–21 October

Positive Technologies will take part in GITEX 2021, the largest consumer computer hardware and information technology exhibition in the Middle East. For 40 years, GITEX Technology Week has attracted IT professionals, traders, tech enthusiasts and consumers from across the region and the world.

«There is strong interest in our products in the Middle East,» says Denis Kuznetsov, Head of International Business Development at Positive Technologies. «After a year of remote meetings during the pandemic, we will be happy to once again interact with current and potential customers in the flesh, while our top experts will present the company’s products and select the best solutions for customers’ requirements.»

At GITEX 2021, we will explain how cybersecurity relates to business risks and demonstrate Positive Technologies’ cutting-edge technologies for detecting cyberattacks at an early stage and keeping your business safe from cyberthreats. Thanks to the interactive format, guests will have an opportunity to view their business through the eyes of a hacker, and learn how to prevent potentially lethal damage. The exhibition will introduce you to the following products:

  • MaxPatrol SIEM is an information security incident detection system providing full visibility of the IT infrastructure. It is regularly updated with expert knowledge on ways to detect current threats, and adapts to changes in the protected network.
  • PT NAD is a deep network traffic analysis system for detecting attacks on the perimeter and inside the network. PT NAD knows everything that is going on in the network, thanks to detecting malicious activity even in encrypted traffic, and facilitates incident investigation.
  • PT AF isis a web application firewall (WAF), an innovative security system that accurately detects and blocks attacks, including zero-day ones. PT AF delivers uninterrupted protection for applications, users, and infrastructure, as well as security standard compliance.
  • PT Sandbox is a state-of-the-art sandbox to protect the company against targeted and mass attacks that use modern malware. Capable of detecting sophisticated malware in files and traffic, the product supports flexible and extensive customization of virtual environments for maximum effectiveness.
  • PT ISIM is a software and hardware complex for deep traffic analysis. It detects traces of information security breaches on ICS networks and detects cyberattacks, malware activity, and unauthorized employee actions (malicious or unintentional) at an early stage, in compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Positive Technologies will take part in GITEX 2021 with our partner in the UAE, Advanced Business Solutions MENA. We look forward to seeing you at our stand H1-D22 in the Dubai World Trade Center on 17–21 October 2021.