Positive Technologies Attends Leading Industry Events

Positive Technologies has presented its vision for the security of SCADA systems at two leading security summits.

Recently, Positive Technologies EVP Product Strategy Sergey Gordeychick spoke at Digital Bond’s S4 symposium in Miami Beach – a highly-technical conference focused specifically on SCADA and ICS security and at the fifth-annual Kaspersky Threatpost Security Analysis Summit in Puerto Rico –showcasing cutting-edge research, new technologies and discussing ways to improve collaboration to thwart emerging security threats.

Mr. Gordeychick’s presentation focused on the large number of vulnerabilities uncovered in the widely-used Siemens WinCC system, many of which were originally detected by Positive Research, the research arm of Positive Technologies. Mr. Gordeychick went on to discuss threats to the Siemens S7 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), demonstrating how “on the fly” patching of S7 can allow attackers to change the logic in the PLC, perpetrate their attack and then change the logic back again, thereby covering up the breach.