Positive Technologies Brings ‘Hackable City’ to Life in The Standoff Cyberbattle at HITB+ CyberWeek

Attackers and defenders to face off in digital metropolis security challenge featuring real-world critical infrastructure and technologies

Cybersecurity experts at Positive Technologies and Hack In The Box are inviting red and blue team security specialists to test their skills attacking and defending a full-scale modern city at The Standoff Cyberbattle held during HITB+ CyberWeek. This mock digital metropolis with full IT and OT infrastructure including traffic systems, electrical plants, and transportation networks will feature all the latest technologies used in actual critical infrastructure installations, allowing players to expose security issues and the impact they might have on the real world.

The city will include electricial power plants, freight and passenger carriers, petrochemical facilities, and banks. The infrastructure of each ‘company’ is built using the exact same technologies applied in their respective field such as ICS/SCADA systems.

Defenders (blue teams) will be tasked with protecting vulnerable services from attackers (red teams).

“We've been working on the Standoff for almost 10 years now. We started with specialized trainings for information security experts and CTF players, but then understood that bringing our expertise even closer to the realities of life is a must to maximize the cyberbattle's practical value. This full-fidelity representation of the arms race between hackers and security specialists is a highlight and audience favorite at PHDays conference, which has been held in Moscow since 2011," said Gregory Galkin, Head of Cyberbattle Business Development at Positive Technologies. "Now, we are bringing this unique format to Hack In The Box, one of the world's best-regarded security conferences.”

Dhillon Kannabhiran, Founder and CEO of Hack In The Box, said: "The Standoff is one of the most challenging attack and defense contests in the world, where teams are competing to find vulnerabilities and attack vectors in real-world critical infrastructure. We've already invited the 2018 and 2019 winners from The Standoff at PHDays to compete in our PRO CTF Finals and we’re excited to now additionally host The Standoff itself at our inaugural HITB+ CyberWeek event in Abu Dhabi."

The Standoff is not a normal Capture the Flag (CTF) game and will require teams to have specific skill sets commonly seen in security professionals. The simulation brings real-world problems to life and will enable industry professionals to hone their protection and monitoring skills.

HITB+ CyberWeek will take place at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi on October 12–17, 2019. The Standoff itself will be held on October 15–17 and members of the media, the public, and those interested in seeing real-world hacking are encouraged to attend. More on the contest can be found at https://cyberweek.ae/competitions/standoff/