Positive Technologies Integrates MaxPatrol™ with IBM® Security QRadar®

MaxPatrol provides greater visibility into your security by delivering detailed inventory, vulnerability and compliance data direct to IBM QRadar SIEM.

FRAMINGHAM, MA – July 28, 2014 – Positive Technologies announced today that its vulnerability and compliance management solution MaxPatrol has been integrated with QRadar, a leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology from IBM.

This powerful combination will increase enterprise security levels and operational efficiencies by allowing organizations to detect and prioritize threats more rapidly and also eliminate many of the false positives typically generated by technologies such as intrusion detection/prevention systems, firewalls and antivirus tools.

In addition to CVE and CIS-certified vulnerability and compliance assessments; MaxPatrol generates a thorough inventory of all your IT assets including open ports and active services. Furthermore, it compares your systems with the unique knowledge base of known vulnerabilities, 0-day threats and security configuration settings compiled by Positive Research.

QRadar SIEM correlates this data with results from a wide range of security systems and uses it to detect anomalies and generate manageable lists of high priority risks that require forensic investigation and remediation.

“To have true visibility of their risk, enterprises need security data that is both accurate and detailed,” said Yury Maksimov CEO of Positive Technologies. “By combining MaxPatrol and QRadar, organizations benefit from a broader and deeper view of their security posture, giving them greater awareness to tackle dangerous threats more quickly.”

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