Positive Technologies Launches Corporate Email Security Service PT Knockin at GISEC GLOBAL 2024

Positive Technologies is planning to open its own corporate email security tool PT Knockin to general public access. The company has been assessing the security of its technologies and constantly testing their effectiveness by their own proprietary tools such as PT Knockin. Now its exclusive expertise can be leveraged by external users.

PT Knockin, a new service from Positive Technologies, reveals corporate email security issues in just two minutes. PT Knockin, which will be demoed in-depth at the Middle East's biggest event for the international cybersecurity community, is provided in both free and paid versions, making it a perfect fit for large corporations seeking cutting-edge protection, as well as for mid-sized businesses in search of result-driven services with convenient delivery to users.

PT Knockin is a cloud-based SaaS solution. This means companies do not need to download or install anything. All they need to do is visit the PT Knockin web page, enter an email address, log in, and within two minutes, receive an analysis of their email security effectiveness along with recommendations to address any vulnerabilities.

Egor Nazarov, Head of APT Protection, Positive Technologies, says: "We are excited to showcase the utility of our expertly-designed SaaS solution at GISEC this year. Positive Technologies' renowned experts have leveraged their deep industry knowledge to create PT Knockin. The product mainly appeals to companies with mature cybersecurity processes, using corporate information security tools, and organizations seeking advanced and fast services for testing and analyzing the security of their own email services. PT Knockin is suitable for companies that are familiar with Positive Technologies products, as well as for new users. Easy to use, PT Knockin helps companies to check the security of their corporate email addresses with just one click and quickly fix any issues. We aim to bring the best cybersecurity practices and Positive Technologies expertise to our customers."

Criminals are always one step ahead. Hackers are constantly elaborating their techniques to bypass corporate security. According to our data, in 73% of successful attacks on organizations, criminals used malicious software, and in 66% of hacks, it was delivered via email. It is vital to regularly check your company's defenses against the latest techniques and tools used by attackers. If PT Knockin detects any flaw, it means that the existing security solutions have failed and a company's infrastructure is under threat.

Yaroslav Babin, Director of Attack Simulation Products, Positive Technologies, comments: "Every vendor of cybersecurity solutions needs to regularly test and attack their products. Otherwise, they won't provide real protection to their customers. PT Knockin is another piece of this strategy aimed at creating products that deliver tangible results. Not only do we offer PT Knockin to our clients, but we also use it to test our own products, like PT Sandbox."

After checking your company's email with PT Knockin, make sure you follow all the recommendations. Then, recheck your mailbox to confirm it is well-protected. All malware delivered by email for security tests, currently over 50 samples including those exploiting trending vulnerabilities such as CVE-2023-38831 in WinRAR, is neutralized and cannot harm the organization, even if a user opens a malicious file. When a threat is detected, users will receive recommendations to improve the security of their email addresses. For instance, recommendations may include disabling all app add-ons via group policies or blocking the receipt of .xll files by the mail server.

These features include adding your own malware samples, detailed recommendations for setting up information security tools, sending emails with payloads using a convenient schedule, choosing delivery and payload packaging methods, using your own domains for mailings, scheduling auto-checks for new samples, subscribing to all new and trending samples, and gaining early access (within 12 hours) to Positive Technologies expertise in malware detection.