Positive Technologies launches free cloud-based beta service to help secure website applications from attacks

PT BlackBox Scanner allows website owners to find vulnerabilities which are increasingly used by hackers as first point of breach

Positive Technologies today announced the availability of beta testing on a free online service which gives companies of all sizes a quick and easy new way to uncover flaws in their website applications. PT BlackBox Scanner can be launched from the cloud, running a secure and simple scan to find vulnerabilities in web applications all through a simple web-based interface

The online service draws on 15 years of specialist research and is based on Positive Technologies enterprise-grade application security technologies, which protect over 1000 companies worldwide from vulnerabilities. Users simply have to enter the site URL into a web-based interface. The scan starts immediately, tunneling all requests through the user’s machine so the website can confirm origination. Alternatively, it can validate they own the website by allowing for a confirmation code to be placed in the website root directory before the scan begins.

BlackBox Scanner ties into a long held company belief to provide free tools back to the cyber security community to help secure people and businesses. This goes back to the company’s roots in early 2000 when Positive Technologies first launched popular vulnerability scanner, Xspider, for free.

Positive Technologies CEO, Yury Maksimov, said, “Website application vulnerabilities are now one of the most common ways that cyber-attackers compromise companies. In a world where the increasing majority of business is now run on code, this is a big problem. For companies, both big and small, it means legal and financial risk. For people, the possibility of having personal details exposed and fraud.”

“We believe in trying to put security back on the front foot, allowing people to be proactive and find the weak points in their infrastructure before an attacker does. We also believe in drawing on our expertise to help make the online world a safer place, which is why we are providing BlackBox Scanner for free, letting people take the initiative back and have more control over the security of their website.”

Positive Technologies has over 15 years of application security experience, operating one of Europe’s largest specialist application security R&D teams. The company is one of the foremost authorities on ICS, Banking, Telecom, Web Application, and ERP security, and has been identified by Gartner as ‘visionary’.

For more information on BlackBox Scanner, or to use the service, visit http://bbs.ptsecurity.com/en