Positive Technologies launches intelligent service to protect from DDoS attacks

PT Application Firewall Cloud DDoS Protection: protects against any type of DDoS attack

Positive Technologies today announced the development of a new service that protects from internet attacks by combining an anti-DDoS solution (protection from network to application layer) with anti hacking technologies. The complex solution is based on machine learning algorithms that are embedded in PT Application Firewall (PT AF) which protect against DDoS attacks on the application layer and in cloud infrastructure using DDoS filtering from Qrator Labs. The service allows for the blocking of multi-vector attacks, whilst ensuring the security of critical information within your organization and protecting against any bot that simulates user behavior.

The service is based on the transmission of data and control commands between PT AF located on the client side and the Qrator filtering cloud that covers key internet infrastructure. By using models for detecting anomalies in user actions, PT AF Cloud DDoS Protection more effectively protects against combined attacks, including DDoS attacks on application and network layers and security breaches and bot-attacks emulating the behavior of real users. Due to behavioral analysis implemented in the products of both vendors, PT Application Firewall Cloud DDoS Protection distinguishes legitimate users from robots and blocks IP addresses involved in any attack.

The service allows organizations with increased privacy requirements to configure protection solutions in such a way that important data cannot be extracted beyond the perimeter. PT Application Firewall is an on-premise solution that allows for traffic to be processed locally, passing only commands to block attack sources to the cloud..

"With the internet of things becoming more wide-spread, DDoS attacks are on the rise again," says Executive VP Positive Technologies. “Critical infrastructure with strict confidentiality requirements is being put at increasing risk: for example, the websites of government services, fee collection systems, hospitals, enterprises, banks and online stores. In addition to an increase in attack power, we can see a sharp rise in combined DDoS incidents, often using these as a smokescreen for penetrating the organization's network. All these factors require an integrated solution that combines the best technologies for blocking DDoS attacks at all layers, with obligatory protection from security breaches."

The new service is an extension of PT Application Firewall, that, in addition to blocking DDoS attacks, provides protection of applications from attacks related to illegitimate access, fraud and theft of information.