Positive Technologies presents cybersecurity on autopilot at GISEC 2024 in Dubai

Positive Technologies will join one of the largest information security exhibitions in the Middle East — GISEC Global 2024 — on April 23–25 in Dubai. Representatives from the company will focus on their experience automating security operations center (SOCs) and how the MaxPatrol O2 metaproduct can automatically detect and stop attackers before they cause non-tolerable damage. The Positive Technologies team will also present other key products and share their expertise at workshops and different conference events.

According to a recent study by the company, the Middle East is a main target for cybercriminals, mainly in the public sector, industrial enterprises, and the fuel and energy industry. To boost cyberresilience, Positive Technologies recommends that companies in the region adopt a result-driven approach to security. This concept entails building continuous, automated protection against events deemed non-tolerable for the organization as determined by top management.

"The rapid digitalization of countries in the Middle East has spurred powerful economic and social development in the region, but has also made it an attractive target for cybercriminals," notes Evgenia Popova, Director of International Business Development at Positive Technologies. "At GISEC Global 2024, our company will demonstrate the concept of autopilot in cybersecurity. Our team will share their experience working with the MaxPatrol O2 metaproduct, which puts this concept into practice and gives top management confidence that their business is safe from cyberthreats. We'll also be talking about a range of our other products and solutions to help you get real value from your cybersecurity investments."

MaxPatrol O2 operates 24/7 to automatically detect and stop attackers in an organization's infrastructure before they can cause irreparable damage. Today, information security specialists are scarce, but this product, which can be managed by a single employee, can handle the work of an entire security operations center in organizations of any size.

In 2022, MaxPatrol O2 passed pilot testing and was first put into pilot operation in a number of large Russian companies in 2023. In February—March 2023, MaxPatrol O2 was used to protect the international Games of the Future phygital tournament alongside a standard SOC to show how cybersecurity on autopilot can reduce security expenses by a factor of ten, twenty, or more.

Visitors to the Positive Technologies stand will also be able to check out other examples of cybersecurity automation. GISEC 2024 will be the first time the company presents its new PT Knockin service to check corporate email security in just two minutes without installing additional software.

According to the same study as above, more than 80% of all successful attacks on countries in the Middle East are targeted. Some cybercriminal groups use popular open services, including messengers or cloud storage, as a control server for malware. The disadvantages of this attacker strategy can be used to proactively discover their network infrastructure and improve your security. To learn more, check out the presentation on the GISEC Dark Stage by Denis Kuvshinov, Head of Threat Analysis at Positive Technologies.

Positive Technologies will also be holding three workshops at the conference. The first will focus on ATM security, giving security researchers the chance to explore new attack vectors and deepen their understanding of how to protect ATMs. The second helps teach how attackers exploit physical access vulnerabilities by copying NFC cards and RFID tags, and the third lets participants have fun soldering together different items to make useful gadgets like a bottle opener with a built-in thermometer.

Come visit us at stand C55 in Hall 7!