The Standoff: Black-hat hackers combat!

The Standoff cyber-range has experienced a DDoS attack.

The attack on the main website IP address occurred the day before, on November 12, and was successfully filtered out by the cloud service of Qrator Labs, a technology partner of the project.

More than a thousand addresses from various networks and regions were involved in the DDoS attack.

The top 5 countries were Brazil, India, Indonesia, Russia, and Thailand.

The recorded traffic was 500 times higher than usual, but the Qrator Labs cloud service managed to catch everything at the entrance to its filtering network, and website visitors did not notice anything.

The attackers' attempt to disrupt cybertraining has failed.

"The DDoS attack on the web resource of The Standoff cyber-range was conducted by using SYN flood. In a fairly short period, attackers sent a large number of SYN connection requests via TCP. The Qrator filtering network blocked malicious traffic sources from the very first request, and the website continuously maintained its working capacity in normal mode. Qrator Labs keeps monitoring the traffic of the largest cyber-range and will protect it from the most sophisticated network attacks," says Artyom Gavrichenkov, CTO, Qrator Labs.