MaxPatrol SIEM MaxPatrol SIEM provides 360º visibility into infrastructure and detects security incidents. Regularly updated with knowledge from Positive Technologies experts. Effortlessly adapts to network changes.
MaxPatrol VM MaxPatrol VM is a next-generation vulnerability management system. The solution allows you to build a full-fledged vulnerability management process and control it during both routine operation and urgent scanning.
MaxPatrol 8 Vulnerability and compliance management system. Pentesting, auditing, and compliance testing combined with analysis of operating systems, databases, and web apps. Continuous monitoring of security at all levels of information infrastructure. One of the world’s largest regularly updated vulnerability knowledge bases.
PT SandBox PT Sandbox is an advanced sandbox with customizable virtual environments. Protects against targeted and mass attacks that involve the unknown malware and 0-day threats. Detects and blocks threats in email, web traffic, and file storages.
PT Network Attack Discovery PT Network Attack Discovery is a deep network traffic analysis (NTA) system for detecting attacks on the perimeter and inside your network. The system spots network events, detects malicious activity even in encrypted traffic, and helps investigate incidents.
PT Application Firewall PT Application Firewall (PT AF) is a smart protection solution based on advanced technologies and ongoing global research. It provides proactive and continuous protection for your internet-accessible applications against both known and unknown attacks, including the OWASP Top 10, automated and client-side attacks, and zero-days.
XSpider XSpider is a vulnerability scanner for seeing the real state of security on your IT infrastructure. Quickly and precisely enumerate your network components, scan network resources for vulnerabilities, and get recommendations for remediation.