Consent to receiving information and advertising content

In accordance with the Federal Law No. 38-FZ "On Advertising" from 13.03.2006 and the Federal Law No. 126-FZ "On Communications" from 07.07.2003, I, acting on my own free will and in my own interest, give consent to JSC Positive Technologies (registered at: 8 Preobrazhenskaya Square, office 60, Preobrazhenskoye District, Moscow, 107061, Russian Federation, hereinafter referred to as the Company) to send me messages about software products and services of the Company and/or its affiliates for information and advertising purposes. Such messages include newsletters about events, content, promotions, and other information and advertising text, audio, graphic, audio-visual, and multimedia messages not prohibited by law. To send these messages, the Company will use my contact information (phone number, email address, Telegram messenger account) that I provided on The information is sent in the form of SMS messages, emails, messages in messengers, push notifications, and by phone calls.

I agree that the text of this consent given of my own free will and in my interest will be stored electronically in the Company’s database and confirms my willingness to receive messages in accordance with the above provisions. I am responsible for the accuracy of the provided data.

I am aware that at any time during the term of this consent, I have the right to withdraw it and unsubscribe from receiving the newsletter by clicking on the link in any email received from the Company.

In addition, I am informed that if I have any questions about unsubscribing, I may seek assistance by sending an email to the Company’s technical support team (

This consent is given for an indefinite period (but not less than ten years from the date of its signing) and is valid unless the Company has been informed by me of its revocation. The date of withdrawal shall be the day following the date of delivery to the Company of the notice of withdrawal of consent to receive advertising and information materials.

I hereby confirm that my de facto actions (filling in the registration form and clicking the "Submit" button) on are sufficient to constitute my consent and allow the parties to acknowledge the obtaining of this consent. No other evidence is required to prove my free will.