Attackers are Innovating: Is your WAF? A Positive Technologies Webinar

Online, UK

Attackers are Innovating, Is your WAF?—PT Application Firewall is recognized by Gartner for the third time as a visionary. PT Application Firewall is a smart protection solution based on advanced technologies and ongoing global research. It provides proactive and continuous protection for your applications against both known and unknown attacks, including the OWASP Top 10, automated and client-side attacks, and zero-days.

Key Webinar Takeaways:

The webinar will focus on how Web Application Firewalls can protect you. As attackers evolve their tactics, you will see how PT Application Firewall is able to constantly innovate, keeping attackers at bay. PT AF is a recognized visionary, appearing in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the third year running. This interactive webinar will feature a full product overview and demonstration of PT AF, focusing on the state-of-the-art innovation and unique technology harnessed, such as:

  • True Machine Learning—Automated protection against zero-day attacks. Advanced machine learning enables PT AF to use automation to proactively and accurately detect both known and new attacks.
  • Correlation Mechanisms—Rapid identification of major threats that provides detailed attack chain metrics, making forensic investigations more efficient. Smart correlation techniques significantly reduce false positives, allowing you to focus on the most important incidents.
  • Integration with AST—Instant targeted protection. PT AF's unique built-in source code analysis module (P-Code) detects vulnerabilities and creates instant "virtual patches." These block attempts to exploit the specific flaws in your code. PT AF can be also integrated with our application security testing (AST) tool PT Application Inspector to promote secure development processes.