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Amnesia Malware Turns DVRs Into Botnet Slaves
Information Security Buzz

Following the discovery of  a new variant of the IoT/Linux botnet Tsunami that targets an unpatched remote code execution vulnerability, Aelx Mathews shared his thoughts with ISBuzz.

AV Used As An Attack Vector
Information Security Buzz

A zero-day attack called Double Agent can take over antivirus software on Windows machines and turn it into malware. Reacting to this news, Alex Mathews shared his thoughts with ISBuzz.

Russian Banks Again Spitting Out Money
ISBuzz News

The Bank of Russia detected malware that hides inside ATM’s operating memory. Reacting to the news, Dmitry Kuznetsov shared his view with ISBuzz News.

IoT - the good and the bad

Expert Alex Mathews talks about the security guidelines and industrial standards for IoT manufacturers with Computing Security.

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